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Where the old gives way to the new

Jeanblanc International Inc. is a 23 year old privately held company, reincorporating in Nevada. One of the early ventures of the company was to purchase an 11,000 sq. Ft. facility in the Research Triangle Park area in North Carolina and established the first International Business Incubator in the United States to help companies move their technologies or products into the International markets. Click here to learn about Jeanblanc International business incubator

Jeanblanc International, Inc. has held various patents and has invented and developed two new, innovative oil technologies. One is the Jeanblanc Desulfurization Process (JDP) which removes sulfur from both crude oil and refined petroleum products, such as fuel oil or diesel fuel without the need for added heat or pressure and an other technology deals with SOR and clean up! Click here to learn more about our desulfurization process.

Jeanblanc International Inc proprietary new molecular technologies are now being introduced to the oil market and are proving to be the most cost effective and efficient methods in the industry.

Jeanblanc International, Inc. has manufacturing and warehouse facilities at the former Savanna U.S. Army Depot on the Mississippi River with future plans to acquire a chemical refinery and manufacture PEL at that location also. With an affiliate JII owns 50 acres with rail frontage and nine 11,000 sq. ft. buildings (99,000 sq. ft. warehousing available). It also has an option to purchase another 104 acres with major rail switching facilities on it and an additional 88,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space to meet expiation needs.

Jeanblanc International, Inc. is located within the Foreign Trade Zone and has close affiliations with the International Trade Centers and rail. Click here for more information on the International Trade zone site. JII has access to rail and tank cars to move product not only for the oil industry but also other markets. 30-33,000 gallon tank cars will be utilized as storage as well as moving diesel fuel both from refiners and to customers as well as barge and trucks. Currently a rail off-loading facility and port facility are being planned at the Depot to meet the various needs at the Depot.


Jeanblanc International


James K. Jeanblanc
Email: jjeanblanc@jeanblanc.com

Denise K. Graves
Executive Assistant to the President
Telephone 309-648-3471
Email: dgraves@jeanblanc.com

Frank Reinsma
Head of Finance
Telephone: 815-598-3400

Stephen Beasanski
Project Manager
Telephone: 815-598-3400
Email info@jeanblanc.com

Travis Ross, BS Alternative Energy
Project Coordinator
Telephone: 815-598-3400
Email: info@jeanblanc.com

Bab Enefe (Chief)
Director of European & African Operations
Telephone: 011-447-7930660369 (London)
Telephone: 815-598-3400:brEmail benefe@jeanblanc.com