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Jeanblanc International is looking for joint venture partners and companies for its technologies.

We are looking for established businesses that can implement the Jeanblanc Desulfurization Process (JDP) in its existing business. The most probable partners or Joint Venture (JV) licensees would be Small Refiners or JV supply agreements with power companies. However, producers or gatherers of high-sulfur crude oil may find it worth the investment in a joint venture to enhance its value as “sweet” crude oil or low sulfur fuel by reducing the sulfur content before selling.

The Jeanblanc desulfurization system includes equipment designed for the Jeanblanc Desulfurization Process (JDP) to utilize industry-standard equipment that is generally available at most refineries. This further reduces capital costs to implement the technology.

We have found that crude oils differ in the sulfur species and related bonds, depending upon the region or country of origin of the crude oil. The first step in moving forward as a potential joint venture partner or licensee is for us to test the Jeanblanc Desulfurization Process (JDP) on the particular crude oil or product. We will remove the sulfur from the crude oil or related product that you desire to treat in the joint venture to treat using the Jeanblanc Desulfurization Process (JDP). This allows us to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of breaking the bonds holding the sulfur to the hydrocarbons and the subsequent separation process. In this way, we can compare the “value enhancement,” or revenue, with the costs of using the Jeanblanc Desulfurization Process (JDP) to meet your particular needs. This will ensure that the (JDP) will generate a reasonable payback for the required investment.

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