Jeanblanc International Facilities

The Jeanblanc International, Inc. is located and owns property within the Foreign Trade Zone at the former Savanna U.S. Army Depot. JII owns nine 11,000 sq. ft. building on 50 acres with rail frontage. Another 104 acres and an additional 88,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space is available to meet expansion needs.

Four of the nine 11,000 sq. ft. buildings with rail frontage.
Manufacturing and Laboratory facilities of JII 11,000 square feet masonry buildings

Diesel and Other Fuel: Distribution Facilities

  • Almost unlimited expansion capability at Depot – 10,000+ acres with rail service.
  • Low risk expansion using existing infrastructure.
  • Tank car for storage and shipping – bargain purchase, resalable tank cars vs permanent tanks.

30,000 gallon fuel tank cars currently stored at the former Savanna Army Depot; available for discounted lease/purchase due to canceled ethanol projects throughout U.S.


Future Expansion Options 104 acres with rail facilities and eight 11,000 square foot buildings.

  • Transport diesel by rail from U.S. Gulf to sideboards beside buildings or,
  • Barge via Mississippi River and pipeline to property or,
  • Utilize JDP and Depot to remove sulfur from diesel fuel.
Aerial Photo of Former U.S. Army Depot site in Savanna, Illinois

Used Windturbines: Quality Control & Distribution Facilities

The facilities are also available for Quality Control and Distribution for JII’s used wind turbine program. Windturbines can be shipped from Europe to the Mississippi River and then by rail to any where in the US from the Former Savanna Army Depot location. This facility is located approximately 30 miles from Highland Community College, which has a training program for windturbine technicians.

Rail Sidings & Switching Facilities on Option Property

Providing Huge Expansion Capacity Using Rail Tank Cars & Lowest Cost Operations

Property Also Includes Eight 11,000 Sq Ft Masonry Buildings