Technologies and Services

Jeanblanc International Inc. with its Joint Ventures and affiliates offers a wide variety of services and products. JII offers SOR and desulfurization consulting and equipment, alternative energy equipment, technologies and transportation in addition to its proprietary technologies for desulfurization, SOR and clean up.


The Jeanblanc Desulfurization Process, JDP, is a significant cost saving approach based on a system that requires no added heat and pressure with designs to utilize mostly standard industry equipment.

As those familiar with refining operations know, energy costs associated with the required heat and pressure of refining operations is one of the largest operating costs of a refinery! To find a desulfurization process that requires minimal heat and pressure would be considered a holy grail, with the Jeanblanc Desulfurization Process that holy grail is here. The Jeanblanc Desulfurization Process & Related System provides hundreds of millions in equipment savings upfront in addition to the on-going operating savings. For more information click here.

Secondary Oil Recovery and Clean up

Jeanblanc International Inc. has discovered and developed a new molecular technology that creates a hydrocarbon bond that is many times stronger than any known existing bond. JIIs proprietary molecular technology uses no heat, minimal water and is totally reusable; it has now been introduced to the oil market with great success. At present it is one of the most, if not the most, cost effective and efficient technologies in the SOR and clean up market.
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Foreign Trade Zone

Jeanblanc International Inc. is located within the Foreign Trade Zone and has strong affiliations with the Illinois International Trade Center, Foreign Trade Zone, and short rail and shipping. For information on the Illinois International Trade Centers please click here. JII is in a unique to position to offer consultation on logistics and significant savings on transportation for different markets. JII also offers warehouse and storage facilities at their location in the former Savanna Army Depot.

Wind Power and Alternative Energy

New Wind Turbines going up in Bureau County Illinois

Jeanblanc International Inc. and its affiliates offer alternative energy equipment, education, services and consulting. JII enables countries with limited resources the ability and opportunity to produce energy in remote areas or increase electricity in high demand areas in a very cost effective approach.
JII also offers education opportunities to train the local citizens to empower them instead of enabling them. Using local citizens to construct and maintain the equipment offers jobs to the local citizens, increases local income and reduces overhead for the company. For more information Click here

Used 0.15 MW Econtecnia Turbines Availabe Thru JII – Before Dismantling